Try Out Phantom V2 On Conflux testnet and Win 10,000,000 cPHM!

  • More collateral types: CFX, cPHM, and more
  • Trade popular crypto-pAssets & NFTs on without slippage
  • More opportunities to earn rewards: Builder’s Rewards & Liquidity mining rewards

Try out Phantom V2 and share 10,000,000 cPHMs!

  • How can I get 2 different mining rewards on the Phantom platform?
  • How can I invest in mainstream assets and popular NFTs within the Conflux ecosystem?

Event period

Task Preview:

  • Task 1: Experience Builder’s Reward & Liquidity Mining Rewards
  • Task 2: Buy & sell synthetic assets in Phantom Exchange


How to start?

How to Claim my rewards?

About Phantom Protocol



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