Stake your PHM and be rewarded 70% of Phantom Exchange’s fee revenues!

What is Phantom Exchange?

  • Crypto Punks — pPUNKS
  • The Sandbox — pSAND
  • The Bored Ape Yacht Club — pBAYC
  • Phantom Exchange charges a 0.3% fee on each transaction.
  • Eligible PHM stakers will share 70% of the fee revenue, with the remaining 30% used to buy back PHM tokens on the Market to maintain a healthy Deflationary mechanism.

What benefits does Phantom Exchange offer to traders?

  • Access to Top NFTs — participants can trade popular NFTs such as CryptoPunks, Sandbox, BAYC, and more in one place;
  • Fractional trading — participants can invest in the assets at a fraction of the NFT’s price, sometimes as low as $1;
  • Unlimited liquidity — Buy/Sell your NFT-anchored assets at any time, with No Slippage

How to trade on the Phantom Exchange?

Placing a trade

Notes to PHM stakers:

  • PHM stakers with a collateral ratio greater than 800% are eligible to share 70% of Phantom Exchange’s handling fee.
  • There may be some fluctuations in your debt when Phantom Exchange goes live, as your debt will be calculated based on the percentage of your lent pUSD and the platform’s current debt pool size.

About Phantom Protocol



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