Phantom V2 Experience Reward Task Instructions

Event period:

2022–1–19 12:00 AM to 2022–1–26 11:59 PM (UTC+8)


  • Prize Pool: 10,000,000 cPHM
  • Up to 10,000 cPHM per participant (5,000 for each task)
  1. Build pUSD with CFX & PHM test tokens
  2. Provide Liquidity in Koichi with pUSD-cUSDT and stake LP on Phantom
  3. Claim Builders’ Rewards & Mining Rewards after 24 hours
  1. Buy pUSD in Koichi with test tokens
  2. Buy 2 synthetic assets(Crypto and NFT) on Phantom Exchange
  3. Sell it after 24 hours

0. Getting Started

To complete the task, please prepare:

  1. A computer with Google Chrome and the Conflux Portal Wallet plugin, and switch it to the Conflux Test Network
  2. Claim 1000 CFX and 1000 cUSDT test tokens from
  3. Fill out the cPHM test token application form at

Task 1: Claim Builder’s Reward & Liquidity Mining Rewards

In Task 1, you will see how to create pUSD (the base synthetic asset in Phantom Procotol) with CFX and cPHM, and get builders’ rewards and liquidity mining rewards.

1.1 Connecting portal wallet to Phantom testnet

  1. Visit and click the upper-right “Connect” button. (Please make sure you are on Confulx Test Network before connecting)

1.2 Build pUSD with PHM

Next, we will create a synthetic asset called pUSD (an on-blockchain asset whose price mimics the movement of USD) with CFX and PHM on

  1. Enter the number of PHM you want to use. Click “Approve” and confirm in your wallet, then continue to mint.

1.3 Build pUSD with CFX

You’ll need to build pUSD with both CFX and PHM to be eligible for Task 1 rewards.

1.4 Add pUSD-cUSDT liquidity, and stake LP token on Phantom

In this step, we will first go to Koichi (a Conflux DEX) to add liquidity to the pUSD-cUSDT pair, and then stake the LP Token to Phantom’s mining pool.

1.4 Claim Rewards after 24 hours

Liquidity Mining rewards are paid in PHM — the token of the Phantom protocol. Here is how to claim the LP staking rewards.

Task 2: Buy & sell synthetic assets in Phantom Exchange

pUSD can be created by collateralizing CFX or PHM, as well as purchased directly on decentralized exchanges.

2.1 Buy pUSD in Koichi with test tokens

1. Go to KoichiSwap and buy pUSD with 200 cUSDT

2.3 Buy any Crypto synthetic assets on Phantom Exchange

With pUSD in the wallet, you are free to buy synthetic assets on Phantom Exchange.

2.3 Buy any pNFT synthetic assets on Phantom Exchange

Without leaving the Conflux chain, you can trade Top NFTs by buying/selling pNFT tokens on Phantom Exchange.

2.4 Sell them after 24 hours

For the last steps in Task 2, you will need to sell 2 pAssets on Phantom Exchange after 24 hours.

🎁 How to Claim my rewards?

After completing all tasks, please fill out the task completion form:



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