Phantom Testnet Reward and Bug Bounty Have Successfully Concluded!

🚀 We are delighted to announce that Phantom Testnet Reward and Bug Bounty has successfully concluded at 12:00 pm on 31st May (UTC+8). The campaign lasted for 11 days, and we had more than 4800 participants taking place in all the activities.

According to our data:

For task 1, we have 4,806 users successfully setting up their Conflux wallet, which is 480% more than our expected participation!

For task 2, 2,755 users joined in completing the challenges of building “Crypto Asset” and “NFT Asset”, as well as depositing and withdrawing actions. This amount is 275% more than expected participation!

For task 3, 2,669 users participated in completing the challenges of “adding liquidity on Moonswap”, “Staking LP in Phantom” and claiming$PHM rewards in the testnet.

Additionally, we also have 563 users sharing their experiences in Phantom’s telegram community, as well as 604 users submitting bugs to us.

We are extremely delighted to have this overwhelming support for the campaign and want to express our huge thank you to all members of the Phantom Protocol community!

For the next step, we will be sending out email notifications to participants who have won the rewards on how to claim. Please be sure to follow our Twitter and check updates in the Phantom telegram community for announcements of the update.

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