Phantom Protocol Monthly Update — August & September

Dear Phantom Fans,

In August and September, the Phantom Protocol team completed a series of key achievements according to our roadmap. As we gear up for this autumn, We’d like to share some milestones we have accomplished in these productive two months. Thanks to your support for helping the project and making everything happen.

I. Product and Partnerships:

  1. On August 2, Phantom Protocol Mainet launched offered derivatives liquidity mining options on 6 trading pairs and a liquidity mining campaign with 21 million $PHM rewards and Phantom Genesis NFT

2. On August 2, Phantom Protocol was added on Moonswap Dappstore

3. On August 12, Phantom Protocol announced Phantom Genesis NFT Sale. Phantom Genesis NFT will add a 15% extra $PHM of mining rewards.

4. On August 31 Phantom conflux mainet was launched, New added cETH & FC, Phantom Protocol LP Mining pool was coming

5. On Sep 13, Phantom Protocol announced the first collaborated copyright Classic Manga TeddyBoy’s collaborate NFT collections and step into the GameFi field

6. On Sep 17, Phantom Protocol Announced Oriental Punk Teddy Boy NFT Flashsale time and platform

II. Phantom Community:

  1. On August 5, In order to provide a vertical communication channel, the Phantom Protocol discord community was created, You can join at:

2. On August 6, Phantom Protocol announced to distribute 200 $PHMP to all Moonswap Genesis NFT holders. 200 $PHMP can be used to buy Phantom Genesis NFT (Link)

3. On August 9, Phantom Protocol announced to airdrop a 5% of mining bonus to all Conflux Miner NFT holders (Link)

4. On August 17th, Phantom Genesis NFT was sold on the Phantom NFT marketplace. A total of 100 Phantom Genesis NFT were sold out in 14 mins (Link)

5. On Sep1, Finally, we came to the most exciting phrase, Phantom was offered on 7 Platforms for IDO and IEO. They are DODO, WeStarter, Pentalaunch,FLYbit, Bounce,, and MEXC. (Link)

6. On Sep 6, Phantom IDO on Bounce platform. (Link)

7. On Sep 6, Phantom Protocol IDO Flash auction launched on Pentalaunch (Link)

8. On Sep 6, Phantom Protocol participated in Kickstarter on MEXC, Voting for $PHM listed on MEXC and won rewards (Link)

9. On Sep 7, Phantom IDO happened on WeStarter (Link)

10. On Sep 7, Phantom IDO launched on DODO (Link)

11. On Sep 8, Phantom IEO was announced on and MEXC, with a more than 200% threshold (Link)

12. On Sep 9 Phantom Protocol partnered with Talken (Link)

13. On Sep 9, $PHM were listed on Gate with trading pairs of $PHM/USDT (Link)

14. On Sep 17, Phantom Protocol achieved a strategic partnership with GameNFT to explore more possibilities in GameFi and NFT field (Link)

15. On Sep 24, Phantom Protocol released a detailed tutorial about how to buy Oriental Punk NFT on BSC Chain (Link)

16. On Sep 28, Phantom Protocol Oriental Punks NFT sold on Phantom NFT Marketplace, and all NFT were sold out in 30 minutes (Link)

17. On Sep 28, Phantom Protocol Oriental Punks NFT sold on NFT Market place Fangible (Link)

18. On Sep 30, Phantom Protocol announced that 7.6 Million $PHM from Oriental Punk NFT sales were burned (Link)

19. On Sep 30 Phantom Protocol mainet will be launched on BSC, which clears the threshold to BSC users get access to Phantom Protocol synthetic assets. More awesome activity and airdrop will be announced soon. Stay tuned. (Link)

Phantom AMA Series

  1. On August 3, Phantom AMA with Moonswap (Link)

2. On Sep 3, Phantom AMA with Thailand community Bitcoin Addict (link)

3. On Sep 5, Phantom AMA with Vietname Community 68 Trading (link)

4. On Sep 5, Phantom AMA with one of the biggest communities Satoshi Club (link)

5. On Sep 6, Phantom AMA with Vietnam Community TradeCoinViet Community (link)

6. On Sep 6, Phantom AMA with Shinchan Community (link)

7. On Sep 7, Phantom AMA with 499 Block Community (link)

8. On Sep 7, Phantom AMA with Crypto Differ (link)

9. On Sep 24, Phantom AMA with Indonesia Community CryptoNesia (link)

As of today, Phantom Protocol has communities in Global, Vietnam, and Korea, and we continue to expand. You can join the Phantom Protocol community at:

The PHM token can be traded on:



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