Phantom Protocol Mainnet Going Live

Liquidity Mining Reward

I. Phantom Protocol Liquidity Mining Launchpool Campaign:

  • To get you prepared for the launchpool mining, please check out the step-by-step mining instruction (link)
  • To participate in the campaign, you will need cUSDT to participate. Here is how to obtain cUSDT to join the campaign: click here

II. Phantom Genesis NFT to INCREASE your mining rewards:

  • Name: Phantom Genesis NFT
  • Function: increase the miner’s rewarded PHMs by 15% at the end of the launchpool campaign
  • Amount: 100 x 200PHMP each

How to get Phantom Genesis NFTs:

  1. Users can purchase Phantom Genesis NFTs with the PHMPs in their account, sale time for Phantom Genesis NFT will start at 12:00 pm (UTC+8) on August 16th and ends at 12:00 pm (UTC+8) August 31st.



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