Phantom Protocol is Launching LUNA/pUSD Trading Pair!

We are excited to announce that $LUNA has been listed on Phantom Protocol starting June 1st.

Trading Pairs: LUNA/pUSD

We welcome all community users to trade $LUNA at

How to get pUSD?

There are 2 ways to get pUSD

Ⅰ. Buy PHM PancakeSwap & Stake on Phantom

  1. Buy PHM on: ( PHM contract address:0x4399AE7538c33cA24edD4C28C5dd7Ce9a80acF81)

2. Stake PHM at to get pUSD:

Connect your wallet, and input the amount of PHM you would like to stake:


Click ”MINT” and ”APPROVE“ again

Congrats you now have pUSD in your account.

Now you can swap $LUNA at

Ⅱ. Buy pUSD at PancakeSwap

  1. Visit and connect your wallet

2. Search pUSD contract address: 0x8cAbf3BeFbD52D74B93Fd8444FA70DAc0E2A213B at Pancake, and click ‘Import’

Input the amount you wanna swap.

Here I will swap with BNB, Please also make sure you have enough BNB as gas fee

Click” Swap”

Click ”Confirm Swap”

Click “Confirm” in your wallet

Don’t forget to add pUSD to your wallet

Congratulations, you now have pUSD in your wallet.

Now you can trade $LUNA at:

Happy trading everyone!

About Phantom

Phantom Protocol is a next-generation synthetic asset and NFT trading solution. Phantom includes the cross-chain DeFi protocol that supports synthetic asset generation and NFT issuance. Utilizing smart contracts, Phantom allows individuals to build synthetic assets (pAssets) in a decentralized manner with mainstream cryptocurrencies or NFT as collateral.




The ultimate cross-chain protocol for Synthetic Asset issuance & exchange

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The ultimate cross-chain protocol for Synthetic Asset issuance & exchange

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