Phantom Protocol announces sale of the Oriental Punks NFT series

The Phantom Protocol is proud to announce that it will open sale on the Oriental Punk NFT series based on the official Teddyboy manga series.

Oriental Punk NFT Series on Phantom Protocol’s NFT Marketplace

As part of the Teddyboy manga metaverse, the “Oriental Punks” NFT Series will be available on Phantom’s NFT Marketplace, where participants can purchase the corresponding character NFT of his/her interest.

For the upcoming NFT Series, every sale will come in the form of a mystery box. The mystery box will include A tradable character card illustrating one of the classic 18 manga characters from the Teddyboy manga series (with 76 different variations). Upon opening the mystery box, the user will find out the identity of the character.

More details of the sale are as follows:

I. Sale summary

Sale start time: September 28th, 2021, 12:00 UTC

Item for sale: Oriental Punks Series — the Official Teddyboy Manga NFT Characters

Contents of the NFT series: 12 characters (in 76 variations)

Sale platform: Phantom NFT Marketplace (available for BSC and Conflux wallet users)

Sale form: Mystery box, first-come-first-served (FCFS)

Sales price: 99 USDT per mystery box (can be paid in USDT, PHM, or CFX depending on the wallet you use)

II. Mysterybox content details

Every NFT mystery box contains a tradable official character card. The NFTs card can be freely traded after purchased, and holders of the cards also hold the ability to enter the Teddyboy manga metaverse.

Additionally, characters that are available in the mystery boxes belongs to one of the two kinds: “punks” characters and “superpunks” characters, with details below:

a). Punk characters

Punk characters are the potentials of the Teddyboy metaverse. These are young individuals with aspirations to “make it” in the Teddyboy metaverse. In the Teddyboy world, these characters have the freedom to join a gain/group of his choice, fight for the honor of his enterprise, and eventually grow into figures of power in the enterprise. Holder of the punk characters can also obtain a super punk character if he holds 5 or more Punks character trading cards.

b). Superpunk characters

Superpunks are elites in the Teddyboy metaverse, they are the individuals that had “made it” in the stories, and holds key positions in various enterprises. Superpunk characters hold higher ability points in their trading cards and enjoy more perks in the Teddyboy world such as recruiting your own followers. Additionally, superpunk NFT cards can also enjoy bonus rewards on the Phantom platform: holders of the superpunk NFT card can get bonus mining rewards, and with more ability points, the reward can increase as well.

III. Purchasing Details:

The Teddyboy Oriental Punks NFT sale will be available on both BSC and Conflux chains, users of either BSC wallet and Conflux wallet will be able to participate.

  1. BSC users:

Purchasing link:

Payment methods:

  • In USDT or PHM tokens;
  • Users who pay in PHM tokens will have a higher chance of getting a superpunk character in his/her mystery box;
  • The phantom team will burn all PHM tokens received in the Teddyboy NFT sale.

BSC Mysterybox pricing details:

2. Conflux Users:

Purchasing link:

Pyament methods:

  • In CFX or cPHM tokens;
  • Users who pay in cPHM tokens will have a higher chance of getting a superpunk character in his/her mystery box;
  • Phantom team will burn all cPHM tokens received in the Teddyboy NFT sale.

CFX Mysterybox pricing details:

About the Teddyboy Metaverse

The Teddyboy manga metaverse is the first GameFi metaverse for the Teddyboy manga — the longest-running manga series in Asia — authorized by the manga’s author Ngao Lo.

In the Teddyboy manga metaverse, you can become part of the metaverse by purchasing and holding a character NFT card. In the metaverse, participants can join various well-known gangs/groups, joining battles to defend his/her reputation, and earn NFT factions that can be used to create metaverse equipment to better their character in the metaverse. Also, with more experiences gained in the metaverse, your character will grow into a superpunk character, who can be one of the well-known characters in the stories.

Both the Teddyboy character and the equipment exist in the form of NFT items. Users can freely trade such NFT items on the open market. Additionally, a number of Teddyboy NFT items can also be used for fractional tradings on the Phantom platform, which allows the users to engage in profitable actions such as fractional trading, liquidity mining, and lending activities. Essentially, the more you engage, the more you can earn with your Teddyboy NFT.

More details of the Teddyboy metaverse will be announced soon.

About Phantom

Phantom Protocol is a next-generation “DeFi+NFT” solution that supports NFT issuance and fractional trading. Phantom includes the cross-chain DeFi protocol that supports synthetic asset generation and NFT issuance. Utilizing smart contracts, Phantom allows individuals to build synthetic assets (pAssets) in a decentralized manner with mainstream cryptocurrencies or NFT as collateral. Phantom enables more people to join in a diverse range of investments by lowering the obstacles to entry. Phantom is incubated by Conflux and invested by LD Capital, NGC Ventures, Kyros Ventures, Gate Labs, DFG, MXC among others.





The ultimate cross-chain protocol for Synthetic Asset issuance & exchange

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The ultimate cross-chain protocol for Synthetic Asset issuance & exchange

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