Phantom Partners with Fangible in Oriental Punks NFT Sale

4 min readSep 27, 2021


The Phantom Protocol is proud to announce that it has partnered with NFT sale platform Fangible in the upcoming Oriental Punks NFT sale.

In this partnership, Fangible joins in the selling of the “Oriental Punks” NFT Character collectibles based on the official Teddyboy manga metaverse, which comes in the form of either a “Punk character” or a “Super punk” character. The final item will be a tradable character card illustrating one of the classic 18 manga characters from the Teddyboy manga series (with 76 different variations).

More details of the sale are as follows:

I. Sale Details

Sale start time: September 29th, 2021, 12:00 PM UTC

Sale contents: Oriental Punks Series — the Official Teddyboy Manga NFT Characters

Contents of the NFT series: 12 characters

Sale form: there will be two types of sales:

1. Punk Character Flash sale

Items: 50 Punks characters

Sale price: 99 USDT per mystery box (paid in BNB)

Sale form: 50 Punks characters, first-come-first-served (FCFS)

Purchasing link:

2. Super Punks Character Auction sale

Item: 3 Superpunks characters

Auction starting price: 1 BNB

Auction time: the auction time will last for 72 hours

Auction link: (item will show up on September 29th prior to sale start)

II. Bonus Airdrop rewards for sale participants

To celebrate the sale of the Oriental Punks NFT, Phantom will also be offering airdrop rewards of its PHM tokens to Fangible users interested in participating in the NFT sale. Simply complete the tasks in this google form and submit, and 100 lucky winners will receive an airdrop of $5 each:

About the Teddyboy Metaverse

The Teddyboy manga metaverse is the first GameFi metaverse for the Teddyboy manga — the longest-running manga series in Asia — authorized by the manga’s author Ngao Lo.

In the Teddyboy manga metaverse, you can become part of the metaverse by purchasing and holding a character NFT card. In the metaverse, participants can join various well-known gangs/groups, joining battles to defend his/her reputation, and earn NFT factions that can be used to create metaverse equipment to better their character in the metaverse. Also, with more experiences gained in the metaverse, your character will grow into a super punk character, who can be one of the well-known characters in the stories.

Both the Teddyboy character and the equipment exist in the form of NFT items. Users can freely trade such NFT items on the open market. Additionally, a number of Teddyboy NFT items can also be used for fractional tradings on the Phantom platform, which allows the users to engage in profitable actions such as fractional trading, liquidity mining, and lending activities. Essentially, the more you engage, the more you can earn with your Teddyboy NFT.

About Fangible

Fangible is a decentralized multi-chain NFT marketplace, which allows everyone to create their own profile, mint NFTs, and sell their NFT for either Fixed Swap or Auction. At Fangible, we’re passionate about providing an experience-driven NFT platform. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are breaking the traditional barriers on how digital goods are shared and revolutionizing the digital economy.

Focused on simplifying the journey for creators, Fangible removes the entry barriers and limitations associated with high transaction fees by providing multi chain support. Fangible is the first NFT platform taking a chain agnostic approach. The marketplace enables creators and fans to create their own collections where they can showcase and sell their creations to the community. We’re building tools that allow consumers to trade their digital assets freely, creators to launch new digital works, and developers to build rich, integrated marketplaces and experiences for their digital assets. Be a part of the digital transformation with Fangible and together we will shape the future.

About Phantom

Phantom Protocol is a next-generation “DeFi+NFT” solution that supports NFT issuance and fractional trading. Phantom includes the cross-chain DeFi protocol that supports synthetic asset generation and NFT issuance. Utilizing smart contracts, Phantom allows individuals to build synthetic assets (pAssets) in a decentralized manner with mainstream cryptocurrencies or NFT as collateral. Phantom enables more people to join in a diverse range of investments by lowering the obstacles to entry. Phantom is incubated by Conflux and invested by LD Capital, NGC Ventures, Kyros Ventures, Gate Labs, DFG, MXC among others.






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