Phantom Partners with Classic Manga Teddyboy to Develop NFT Collectibles and GameFi Metaverse

The Phantom Protocol team is proud to announce that it has partnered with the renowned HK manga series Teddyboy (古惑仔).

In the partnership, Phantom will develop and sell the “Oriental Punks” NFT collectibles series which is based on the official Teddyboy manga. The collectibles will include well-known classic Teddyboy characters, unique weapons as well as classics scenes. Additionally, Phantom will develop its Oriental Punks GameFi metaverse expansion. The NFT collectibles will be included in the GameFi expansion, with each collectible containing unqiue GameFi abilities, priority rights, as well as bonus rewards towards Phantom’s synthetic asset funcationalities.

The Teddyboy manga is created by renowned Hong Kong artist Ngao Lo. Over the 20 years of its serialization, the manga has become a classic cultural icon among the Chinese demographics, spanning into multiple famous movies and novels. The series follow the adventures of Ho-nam (Andy) Chan in his triad life, from being a mere 49er (the lowest position in a gang) to being promoted to a Red Pole (enforcer) within three years, to finally being the Dragon Head (leader) of the Hung Hing Gang. It explores the deep bonds of loyalty and brotherhood in underground Chinese society, and has since been a trademark in defining Hong Kong culture.

Details of the NFT collectible sale as well as the GameFi expansion are expected to be announced soon.

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