Phantom Milestone Update: May and June

I. Phantom Product Milestones



  • Completing Phantom P-asset cross-chain function between Conflux and Ethereum;
  • Completing Phantom’s NFT Mystery-box development on both Conflux and BSC;
  • Finalizing development of the Mainnet.

II. Phantom Community Development Milestones

  • $20,000 Phantom pTesla Airdrop giveaway event: from 4/29 to 5/6, Phantom held an airdrop event to fans handing out $20,000 worth of its pTesla tokens and CFX tokens. The event received great fanfare and we received over 3,000 participants from all over the world;
  • $50,000 Rewards for the Phantom Testnet Reward and bug bounty campaign: from 5/21 to 5/30, Phantom launched the reward campaign for the launching of its testnet. Throughout this 10 day period, over 4,800 users participated in the event, trying out multiple features of the Phantom Protocol as well as submitting bug reports to make the platform better. To learn more about the event results, please click here;
  • Over 200+ Submissions to the Phantom Meme Contest: on June 16th, the Phantom community launched its first MEMEs contest. Over the course of 7 days, the community submitted over 200+ memes to the contest, the enthusiasm and the creativity from the community was deeply felt, please click here to see the great MEME works of the Phantom community;

III. Notable partnerships and notable news

  • Phantom joining OpenDeFi: on April 29th, OpenDeFi welcomed Phantom as its new joining member. OpenDeFi is a global DeFi alliance that includes notable institutions and projects such as dYdX, AAVE, Synthetix, and Conflux. By being a part of this global family. Phantom further explores its collaboration with the latest project around the globe. For more details, click here to read more:
  • Phantom Seed Round Financing Completed: on April 27th, Phantom announced the completion of its seed round funding. Investors for this round include LD Capital, NGC Ventures, Gate Labs, and Kyros Ventures. For more details you can find out here;
  • E-sports Gaming partnership:on June 4th, Phantom announced a partnership with one of China’s most influential E-sports influencer 09, going forward the two parties will explore collaborations in the areas of E-sports NFTs and Communities, click here to find out more.

IV. Notable contents to help you understand Phantom better



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