Airdropping 5,000,000 $PHM to $UNI holders!

  • Time of Snapshot: 4:00 am (UTC) Nov 18th
  • Total Rewards Pool: 5,000,000 PHM
  • Quotas: 1,000 ( First come first served.)
  • Airdrop Period: 12:00 pm (UTC) Nov 18th — 12:00 pm (UTC) Nov 25th
  • Airdrop URL:

Claiming Airdrop PHM tokens

Experience Phantom Protocol & win extra $PHM

  • Builder’s Reward Pool — Build pUSD using PHM with >800% Collateral Ratio ( last week APR 176%, click here for details)
  • Staker‘s Reward Pool — pUSD-USDT Liquidity Mining ( this month’s reward pool is1,500,000 PHM)

About Phantom Protocol



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The ultimate cross-chain protocol for Synthetic Asset issuance & exchange