A step-by-step guide: How to get your Conflux Portal wallet ready?

3 min readJul 27, 2021

ConfluxPortal is a browser extension (plug-in) wallet for users to create and manage multiple Conflux wallets and access distributed applications based on the Conflux blockchain.

To interact with the Phantom Mainnet (Conflux version), you’ll need to get your Conflux Portal Wallet address ready. And here is how:

How to Install the Conflux Portal wallet on Chrome?

  1. Open the ConfluxPortal installation page in Google Chrome and click “Add to Chrome”.

2. Select the “Continue to install” button in the popup window.

You will see a Welcome Page after installation.

How to create your Conflux wallet Address with ConfluxPortal?

  1. Click on “Get Started” on the welcome page, and select “Create a Wallet”.

2. Click on “Get Started” on the welcome page, and select “Create a Wallet”.

3. Select “No, thanks” on the information collection page

4. Set a password of 8 or more digits, check the T&C box, and click “Create”.

5. In the next step, you can either write down the backup phrase or skip this step by clicking “Remind me Later”.

Congrats! Now your wallet is ready to go.

If you run into any problem, please ask for assistance in our Telegram group or on our official Twitter; our community members will be happy to assist you.




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